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Needle Free Valve Icu Pdf

MicroClave combines clinically-differentiated Clave technology with a clear housing to help you visualize connector flushing after blood draws or administration while providing an effective microbial barrier against bacteria transfer and contamination. Ideal for a wide range of clinical applications and patient populations, MicroClave is the optimal facility-wide needlefree IV connector.

Needle Free Valve Icu Pdf

Maintaining catheter patency and minimizing occlusions can be important steps in your efforts to enhance patient safety and reduce costs. Clave Neutron combines clinically differentiated Clave infection control technology with a proprietary bi-directional silicone valve and bellows feature to help reduce reflux10. Clave Neutron helps maintain catheter patency during times when traditional connectors have been shown to occlude most often. Learn More

Needlefree Hemodialysis Connector Specifically designed for use in hemodialysis, the Tego needlefree connector allows for significantly less catheter hub manipulation and minimizes the risk of catheter contamination and catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs). Reducing CRBSIs can reduce complications for your patients and costly scheduling disruptions for your clinic. Tego Functional Attributes >> Straight fluid path accommodates flow rates of greater than 600 mL/min >> Remains in place during the entire hemodialysis treatment period >> Validated for continuous patient use for up...

The ICU Medical MicroClave Connector with Luer Lock is a leading needle-free IV connector. Its Luer lock connection works with all vascular catheter types for drawing blood or delivering IV medications. This needle-free connector is used on catheter types for adult and pediatric patients to standardize clinical protocols, enhances patient safety, and reduces the number of IV consumables.

The Clave family of needle-free connectors includes the MicroClave Blue Connector and the MicroClave Clear Connector, also known as a MicroClave Neutral Connector. Both are designed to minimize bacteria entry points and have a bacterial barrier to reduce bloodstream infections. The straight fluid path creates an effective saline flush to clear medications and blood and minimize the risk of occlusions. The MicroClave IV connectors allow for saline flush without disconnecting. An advantage of the MicroClave Clear Connector is the clear housing that gives a visualization of the fluid path.

Choose the range of market-leading needle free connectors from Vygon UK. Bionector, neutral displacement needlefree device, Bionector TKO bi-directional flow control, and Vadsite Negative Displacement Needlefree Device that is glass syringe compatible. With solutions for a variety of IV therapies, ask a member of the Vygon Team about your ideal needlefree device.

Bionector is a multi-purpose needless connector used for blood sampling, intermittent injections or continuous infusions of fluids or drugs. This market-leading design allows for quick access to the ...

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