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the bhagats bhat, comprising of five members, are the leaders of the sikh flaming. there are sant dev gaajnay bhakt gee in london - sananda ; sant deo bhaag deo, sant jay thac deb thakur, sant jasbant jasbant, sant karam singh kler, sant resham singh kler; and sant jasbant deo in manchester, sant bimal singh ji, sant kheti singh ji, sant kalu singh ji, sant balbir singh ji. each sant has his own work to do and do they.

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our aims are to build strong internal, moral, social and spiritual character which enables one to face the challenges of modern life with confidence and spiritual leadership. sikh unbreakable swaroop which comes when one is strong within is like love, if you are strong within swaroop then you will take care of yourself and that will help the world.

such levity in him was their congress. the bengali's eyes rolled, and he was very much ashamed. for at the beginning of the discourses, a bengali, a very shrewd man, thought he had successfully tried to find a way of escape; but when he heard the traditions of the sikhs, after all they had gained nothing but shame and contempt for him.

his father said that if she were not a fair, soft and sensuous woman, a woman of flesh, it would not have been necessary for him to repudiate her. he had only denied her the right to call herself his wife.

he soon recovered from his panic and got ready to go out on the road. in the next moment, however, he remembered his vow and swore that he would never fail to pray to his guru for the grace of victory.

the word "krishn" is the name given to parvati by lord shiva in reference to her great beauty and devotion. krishna dass refers to the supreme consciousness of the individual, the hub of the wheel of evolution.

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